No Petals- Now what?

“No Petals. Now what?”

A account of alternatives to bottomward or throwing annual petals.

I accept afresh noticed an access in brides analytic for alternatives, if their commemoration website will not acquiesce them to bead or bandy petals, a part of added things. In the accomplished year we are amorphous to see a trend in commemoration venues black couples from bottomward or throwing rose petals during the processional and recessional, as able-bodied as outlawing bird seed, bubbles, asinine string, and the like. These items can be damaging to the carpet, attic and stain sidewalks or concrete; not to acknowledgment they affectation clean-up problems for the venue.

So, what does this leave a helpmate to do? There are several alternatives to consider. In this commodity I will outline what those alternatives are and the pro’s/con’s of each.

Instead of bottomward petals down the aisle-

Colored Agent /Artistic Runner

– Pro – The agent no best has to be white. They appear in a arrangement of widths and colors, or opt to accept a artist agent made. (Perhaps with your monogram, logo or marriage date.) This blush will yield the abode of the black petals you would accept chosen. It will aswell actualize a affecting accomplishments for your photographs. Ideally, baddest a blush that is hardly altered than the bridesmaid dresses or accept a adulatory emphasis color.

– Con’s -Some commemoration venues accede them to affectation a benumbed hazard and accordingly not allowed. Also, black runners are about added big-ticket than acceptable white runners. Accede application artificial black tablecloths purchased on rolls from your bounded affair store.

Pew Flowers

– Pro’s – This is any simple and able way to add blush to the aisle. Pew flowers designs can be about anything. Accept the added boss blush of your marriage arrangement and add abaft greenery or ribbon. If you plan ahead, baddest a architecture that can serve a bifold purpose; afterwards the commemoration use at the reception. (Click actuality to see a picture)

– Con’s – Depending aloft your marriage budget, these may not be amount effective. Accede accomplishing them your cocky application superior cottony flowers. Don’t forget, that already the commemoration is over anyone will charge to abolish them from the commemoration site.

Floor Garland

– Pro’s – Application album is actual easy, just set forth the alley floor. Album comes in a arrangement of lengths, widths, and styles. You will wish to ensure the album is abounding looking, or you may wish to adorn them with flowers, chaplet or fabric.

– Con’s – Superior album will be added expensive, and accomplish abiding you bifold the adjustment for both abandon of the aisle.

Floor Pots

– Pro’s – Application taller attic arrange and/or baby copse will add cogent blush and analogue to your aisle. You will wish to ensure that arrange are 24-36 inches tall. (Just accomplish abiding you don’t block your guest’s view.)

– Con’s – Some alley may not be advanced abundant for this technique. Remember, the alley has to board two people. Accession botheration may be basement entries and exits are not advanced abundant and you will be blocking them. (Make abiding to analysis with the venue, some bounded municipalities accept able blaze assurance laws apropos this issue.)

Instead of throwing petals while abrogation the ceremony……

Dove Release

– Pro’s – This blazon of absolution can add accession allegorical acceptation to your event. Such as a new beginning, peace, love, calmness and the Holy Spirit, while aswell accouterment a amazing appearance as they amphitheater the sky.

– Con’s – If you are not acclimated to accept animals ambit your head, this bearings may be uncomfortable; and no amount how able-bodied they are accomplished there can consistently be allowance for an error, they are animals.

Butterfly Release

– Pro’s – This blazon of absolution will actualize a bright ensemble, aerial through the skies. Butterflies will aswell act as accustomed emphasis adornment to your bouquets, as they are fatigued to assertive colors and floral scents. This absolution is about bargain to conduct with a lot of prices beneath $100 per dozen.

– Con’s – Some guests may not feel able with a “bug”, behindhand that they are harmless, aerial or landing on them.


– Pro’s – Application sparklers as you accomplish your avenue will actualize a blithe atmosphere. This address works best for black ceremonies or for contest surrounding the 4th of July holiday. Sparklers appear in a arrangement of lengths to ensure able bake time. This advantage is actual affordable at just $0.25-$0.95 a piece.(Check out these from Moments of Elegance)

– Con’s – As your parents consistently told you, be careful! Sparklers are added alarming than added options and can bake accouterment or a guest. Accomplish abiding to acquirement the able length, you don’t wish to accomplish your avenue and the sparklers accept already fizzled out. To abundantly appraisal bake time, cover how continued you anticipate it will yield to ablaze them, additional how continued to avenue the ceremony.


– Pros – Miniature marriage accretion are bargain to acquirement and accomplish a beheld and aural accession to your admirable exit. If you wish to enhance the look, accumulation them calm and actualize a wand. (Click Actuality to see a picture)

– Con’s – I see no drawbacks to this option.

Balloon Release

– Pro’s – This absolution will accommodate astronomic amounts of blush and will crave captivation from guests. Balloons are adequately bargain and appear in about any blush imaginable.

– Con’s – There are a few ecology concerns, already balloons accept landed. Accomplish abiding you accept biodegradable acrylic and use affection strings or crape paper.

Streamer Wands

– Pro’s – This advantage has a bifold purpose; you will be able to use for your avenue and accord guests something to play with. Streamer wands are bargain to accomplish and can be advised in an arrangement of colors.

– Con’s – These wands are created application a dowel rod and if not accurate could blow a bedfellow or be used, by children, as a angry stick.